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DRM Digital rights management system use, right, responsibility

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A digital rights management system (DRMS) is a type of computer software application that assumes the obligation to protect copyrighted work and ensure that it can be reproduced, changed or shared according to the rules defined by the publisher. You can also securely store consumer data and allow authorized users to make changes. DRMs are usually built into the hardware, but can also be provided as stand-alone software.

The SisDig is a tool that helps the user to identify and manage their rights in relation to commercial offices, accounts for forecast purposes or electronic purchases.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a system designed to manage the unauthorized use of digital content. With DRM, users are protected from piracy and can use the content only for its intended purpose by inserting certain license tracks that allow the DVD to be played on various media players and computers. This through the processes that allow licensing and monitoring of content.

Example; not see content protected by intellectual property law published on a social network, by creating explicit or implicit rules for its use and its applications in the system. It is, therefore, about having a basic rule to guarantee the fulfillment and respect of such rights, imposing a fee on the user as compensation for the effort analogous to compensation.”, Likewise, each person who creates these contents wants their exclusivity .

DRM with the digital rights tool and avoiding its fragmentation is not available to everyone. The system is made up of three phases:

1. The design of the model

2. Growth and consolidation

3. Implementation The first phase will be announced next month, where a document prior to the development of the model will be presented and signed by the national authorities in charge of digital rights and by the SEPEncharge of Communications and Information (SEP).

The management of digital rights in the destination country is also different according to its laws of the country. The system analyzes the existence of digital rights and establishes a relationship between them and the affiliates, the facilities and infrastructures necessary for their use, as well as the obligations of the owners of the information.

Rights Management Solution (RMS) is a fully integrated, secure document management platform that enables businesses to protect and manage their digital information. As well as to provide transparency about those rights in order to allow the user to understand what they can or cannot do with specific content.

In this sense, Digital Rights allows you to manage rights such as registration and access, as well as payment mechanisms. This platform also makes it possible for users to participate in the collection of royalties arising from the exploitation of their works (music or video).

The use of the Internet requires adequate protection in relation to copyright and intellectual property, both for the taxpayer and for third parties. The usual method adopted by the Association of Public Accountants is the management of digital rights, with the aim of guaranteeing their defense and protection.

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